Solo Dweller Buddy Check

A friend of mine suffered an injury, alone, at home, late at night… Doesn’t matter how. Doesn’t matter what happened. Doesn’t matter who. What matters for this blog is that she then spent the rest of the night alone, bleeding, keeping herself awake, afraid of falling asleep with a possible serious head trauma…

The next morning she drove herself to the hospital, where a plastic surgeon stitched her up, and she was indeed diagnosed with a concussion.

Okay, here’s the point of this blog… It’s just a bit of advice.

When you’re a child, you have parents or guardians to watch over you, to drive you to the hospital… When you have roommates, you have someone there to lean on when the shit hits the fan… When you’re living with a spouse or significant other, you someone that can take care of you when you’re in need… But for many of us, artists, actors, musicians, urban singles… Many of us live alone…

Well, if you are, like me, like my friend, a solo dweller, you should have an agreement with another nearby solo dwellers… An agreement to be hospital buddies… That is an agreement between two or three of you, that at any time, you will make yourself available for emergencies.

Look, getting to the airport you often have time to plan… There’s no fear in snagging a ride with a shared van, calling a taxi, jumping on the subway, or taking the flyaway from Union Station or North Hollywood.

That’s not to say you can’t have others that you help, or that help you, but if you live alone, you really should consider having an agreement in place with one or two nearby people. An agreement before an emergency situation happens. Someone you can call, without fear of judgement, without concern over manners, how you look, or what time it might be…

-Quiche out


  1. first i am glad your friend made it out that thing being ok.
    i guess you hit a button with this blog. so much that i opened an account here and may start to blog myself.

    I had some experiences with emergencies during the last 12 years , where i was the one not being able or willing to call for help for various reasons.

    notice ? i wrote WAS not able.

    and its a good thing to have such an agreement before the situation arises. and you pointed it out its important , NO questions , NO judgement. and for some of us it might be the right thing to do that as a direct exchange.
    its also very interesting to go through your friends / aquaintances lets call it value neutral – and find the right person. Sometimes it might not be one being very close to you in a friendship . Sometimes it might not be the one closest to you physically. And it might be different ones for different kind of stuff. ie mental breakdown or gallbladder colik. makes a difference. This is all good if you are conciious and still able to call for help.

    What i really suggest is – i wrote that in my first comment – to have maybe 3 contact files put down somewhere of people who could come over , in case you are found unconcious or in a state where other people might be needed for you. i even STRONGLY suggest that .
    In one of the emergencies my neighbours called someone physically close to me and that one judged a situation completely wrong andi am still dealing with that outcome.

    i wish so much they would have called another friend of mine.


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